Wednesday, July 08, 2009

JOE BERGAMINI - Arrival (1996)

Arrival is a very good debut release from drummer Joe Bergamini, with song compositions by guitarist/keyboardist Zak Rizvi.
Both with Frank LaPlaca on bass released later 3 albums as 4Front.

All skilled musicians, this instrumental album really shines in all departments: excellent songwriting with melodic rock feel sound plus some prog Rush-alike, tight production, and great mix (you can hear all the instruments clearly, I love that).
Bergamini's drumming is powerful, killer fills and monster sound.
Zak Rizvi is a six-string virtuoso, with big sound gear and superb solos, but not overflooded, all guitar parts are perfectly balanced. Also the 'eighties' keyboards.

If you like Cozy Powell solo albums, Neil Peart (Rush) drumming style, and late 80's Shrapnel label albums (Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen, Michael Lee Firkins, Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore) but more commercial and friendly to the ears, this is for you.
Something different to listen...

Big Thanx to troynew for sharing this great album

1. Arrival
2. One For Jeff
3. Across The Sea
4. Simple Simon
5. Cyberspace
6. Talk Show
7. NYC
8. White Island
9. Things As They Are
10. A Star In The Hills

Joe Bergamini: Drums
Zak Rizvi: Guitars & Keyboards, bass on 'One For Jeff'
Frank LaPlaca: Bass
Produced by Z. Rizvi, J. Bergamini & Dom Famularo



troynew said...

This one looks strangely familiar. ;)
Didn't know you were planning on giving it this kind of attention, but the album richly deserves it.
Just holler if you want the 4Front albums as well.

halcon said...

gracias por el de VERGA Camel ;)