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JACK WAGNER - Alone In A Crowd (1993)

JACK WAGNER - Alone In A Crowd
Wagner has always been a commercial artist, following the trend of the moment.
This is his first 90's album, and seems he and his producer decided that 'the big deal' was George Michael.
I have nothing against George (great voice), just except some of his 80's work, I don't like his musical style.
Tracks 1 & 2 are in that genre, I can't dig them.

But after song #3 things turns great.
Nice westcoast tunes, soulful and deep.
Then track 7 "Stay Where You Are" arrives...WOW.
Simply one of the best songs ever recorded by Wagner, penned & produced by Glen Ballard / Clif Magness, wonderful track to die for.
This song alone worth the album. Excellent.
Another gem: "Keeper Of Your Name". Intense, charming melody.

Except initial songs, this is a very good album, Jack's voice sounds better than never, and as usual, inmaculate production and impressive session musicians.
You like it ? ... BUY IT.

1 - Love Is On Your Mind
2 - Krystal Blu Persuasion
3 - It's My Baby Too
4 - Heart On The Line
5 - (You're The) Only One Who Knows
6 - Love Don't Come Easy
7 - Stay Where You Are
8 - Part Of Me
9 - To Be Mine
10 - Keeper Of Your Name

Vocals, Guitars: Jack Wagner
Guitars: Paul Warren (Phil Christian, Richard Marx)
Guitars: Basil Fung (Fake I.D., Big Mouth)
Guitars: Josh Sklar (Robert Tepper, Desmond Child)
Guitars: Tim Pierce (thousands, just a monster)
Bass: Randy Waldman (Joe Pasquale, M. Sembello)
Bass: John Pierce (John O'Banion, B. Mardones, Dan Lucas)
Keyboards: Kevin Savigar (John Parr, Freddy Curci)
Keyboards: Tim Heintz (Michael McDonald)
Sax: Dave Koz (Richard Marx, Rod Stewart)
Drums: Michael Baird (Journey, R.Marx)
Drums: Tal Bergman (Billy Idol, Simple Minds)
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa (1000 artists)
Backing Vocals : Warren Wiebe, Theresa James, Jeff Pescetto
Songwriting: Jay Graydon, J. Pescetto, G. Ballard, C. Magness, J. Wagner

JACK WAGNER - Alone In A Crowd


troynew said...

Agree with you about the first two tracks. I'm as open-minded as they come, with increasingly varied taste, but this definitely qualifies as a false start.
Good thing he spends the other 8 tracks making up for it.
Thanks, SG.

torbendeen said...

If you like Scandi AOR singles, try this danish band's EP - covers included

Camelblue said...

Thanks for share torbendeen. Very interesting melodic rock.
Do you have any info of this band / EP?
Or the covers? (not really included in the file).
google returns zero results, seems to be a very rare indie.
Thanx again.

torbendeen said...

The cover is at

The band consists of me from the band Mirage, some from a band called Squealer. You can read about those at

Lars Holm - Keyboards
Steffen Hollerup - lead guitar
Thomas D.O. - guitars
Ole Q - bass
Torben Deen - keyboards,vocals (ex-Mirage)
Kim Kvist - drums

Released by Scandinavian Records in 94

Camelblue said...

You're too modest Deen!
Lead vocals & keys eh? Great job mate.
Are you a member of MOTIVE too? Also; do you have some MIRAGE vinyls ripped?
Thanx again for sharing your music with us.

Camelblue said...

link updated

cuirsex said...