Saturday, July 18, 2009

CHAMELEON - Techno-Color (1982)

Did you ever heard about YANNI?
Greek keyboardist, classical / new-age composer, famous for his magnificent "Live at the Acropolis" video concert (a highly recommended experience), deemed to be the second best-selling music video of all time (behind Michael Jackson's Thriller).
Well, his career began in a pomp - AOR - rock & pop band.
And a very good one: CHAMELEON.

Second album, and the best of all in my assessment.
This one displays all the hallmarks of AOR we all love: stabbing keyboard lines (thanks to Yanni's entry), great guitar riffs, pumping rhythm section.
Bombastic production, big drums (I mean BIG) and colorful harmonies.
Almost a conceptual album, most of the songs are 'chained'.
I love the sound and the way synthesizers were used, they couldn't baptize this work better: "Techno-Color"

You must listen this album, a different plate in AOR history.
I've added as bonus, a b-side single, and one track from their 4th recording, only cassette.
Never released on CD, crystal clear vinyl rip cleaned by myself for your listening pleasure.

01 - Techno-Color
02 - Techno-Cat
03 - Primary
04 - Number
05 - I Can't Tell You Now
06 - Rock & Roll (No Place To Go)
07 - Techno-Too!
08 - We're Back
09 - A Girl Like You
10 - Sorry For Our Love
11 - Secondary
12 - I Remember
13 - Friday On My Mind (Techno-Color single B-side) [bonus]
14 - Soldiers Dancing (Hologram Sky cassette '84) [bonus]

Mark Anthony: vocals, keyboards
Dugan McNeill: vocals, bass guitar
Johnny Donaldson: guitars
Charlie Adams: drums, vocals
Yanni: keyboards, synthesizers

CHAMELEON - Techno-Color


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Hi ! can you re-upload this album please?

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what equipment you use to rip??

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A couple of turntables and some dedicated software