Friday, July 31, 2009

GARY MOON - Still Moon (2002) aka The Pack

GARY MOON - Still Moon Night Ranger
This bunch of forgotten songs were recorded in the late 80's under the name of THE PACK.
THE PACK consisted of singer and session bass player GARY MOON (later in NIGHT RANGER's "Feeding Off The Mojo" album), extraordinaire songwriter & musician JEFF PARIS, top guitarist BRAD GILLIS (NIGHT RANGER founder), and AUTOGRAPH keyboarder Steven Isham.

Gary has a great soulful voice and Gillis plays his heart out and flies over the fretboard (trust your ears to discover in which tracks he's playin').
Some songs shine, like "State Of The Heart".
Good melodies abound, wisely written tunes with sticky choruses.

Production could be better, yes, most of this material are demos, but a very good ones.
Luckily Gary Moon decided to self release this album under his moniker not so long ago, but it's very hard (if not impossible) put your hands on an original CD these days.

I love this stuff, HQ rip to you, dear readers.
Melodic rockers, don't miss this post, and if you are a Night Ranger fan, this is a mandatory download.

01 - Still
02 - Heart Of Stone
03 - State Of The Heart
04 - Alayna
05 - Music Box
06 - Call Of The Wild
07 - Queen Of The Damned
08 - Can't Help Falling In Love
09 - Angels Don't Lie
10 - One Love
11 - Love In A Wicked World

Gary Moon - vocals, bass
Brad Gillis - guitars, backing vocals
Gaylin Walker - guitars
Jeff Paris - bass, backing vocals
Pete Comita - bass, guitars
Steve Isham - keyboards
Curley Smith - drums, percussion

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Gooseman said...

Great stuff!!
Thanks for posting.

kev moore said...

Some great stuff on here, man! Is the drummer on this album the very same Curly Smith who played for Jo Jo Gunne?

Camelblue said...

@ kev:
Glad you like it.
Honestly, I don't know if it's the same C. Smith... must be?

orle said...

Love those 2 Gillis and Moon but that is really hard work to find cd and fantastic works for veeerryyy
good team Moon/Gillis
Do You know Alligator -CD that is
labeled as Gillis or N.R.

Camelblue said...

@ Aorlecki:
Brad Gillis - Alligator (2000)

Anonymous said...

Please my friend can you repost GARY MOON ? Thank you too much!