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SAND & GOLD - Remember My Name (1997)

SAND & GOLD - Remember My Name
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Many of you may have noted in my blog that there are several albums of Pete Sandberg posted, one of my favorite vocalists.

Whether in ALIEN, SNAKE CHARMER, MIDNIGHT SUN or SOLO, his vocal ability allows him to sing in any style, and always fine.

In the mid-nineties meets Jonas Reingold, eventually became very good friends and wanted to start a band in which to focus their musical appetites: MIDNIGHT SUN.
While the group were put together, they decided to record a handful of songs composed long time ago, and would have no place into the new band style.
The duo baptized this project "SAND & GOLD" (Pete SANDberg & Jonas ReinGOLD).

"Remember My Name" is plenty of acoustic guitars and many Wurlitzer keyboards, being Sandberg's voice 'the big star' here.
Songs with great melody and emotion, in a typical scandinavian style, to name an immediate reference: BAD HABIT without electricity. Also american mid-western influence too.

Almost recorded by themselves, some friends contribute with their talents: Kee Marcello (EUROPE), with a cool electric guitar solo on track 11, Johan Glossner (GRAND ILLUSION) on guitars, and excelent session drummer Rasmus Kihlberg (LA Project feat Bill Champlin, PETER FRIESTEDT).

This is a very good album, solid and organic. Last track is simply fan-tas-tic.
First class recording quality, despite the self-managed production, and released by a small danish label.
Out Of Print and hard to find.

01 - Sha Na Na
02 - Remember My Name
03 - Fishermans Creek
04 - When the Hammer Falls
05 - The Place
06 - Brooklyn Town
07 - Never Walk Alone
08 - Patricia
09 - Back on the Road
10 - Searching
11 - Slow it Down
12 - Crossroads

Pete Sandberg - Lead and Backing Vocals
Jonas Reingold - Electric Bass, Contrabass, Keyboards, Additional Programming, Backing Vocals

Additional musicians:
Kee Marcello - Slide (Track 3), Guitar Solo (Track 11)
Johan Glossner - Guitar
Rasmus Khilberg - Drums
Tomas Pettersson - Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Wurlitzer
Inger Ohlén, Tomas Nyberg - Backing Vocals

Produced and arranged by Jonas Reingold



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