Tuesday, September 21, 2010

STEVE PERRY - The Reissue Bonuses & More

STEVE PERRY - Reissue Bonus Tracks
Steve Perry... don't need to spend a single word about his greatness.
I assume you already have his 2 solo albums (if not, what are you waiting for?)
But perhaps many don't own the reissues with the bonus pack.
Here they are, all of them, in all its glory (320K).

"For The Love Of Strange Medicine" adds:
* 12.If You Need Me, Call Me (from FTLOSM sessions. Re-recorded track of Perry's pre-Journey band, 'Alien Project').
* 13.One More Time (from FTLOSM sessions, outtake)
both tracks only appeared on 'You Better Wait +4' CDsingle, 1994.
* 14.Can't Stop (unreleased)
* 15.Friends Of Mine (unreleased)
both tracks from 'Against The Wall', the unfinished album recorded by Perry around '85-'86
* 16.Missing You [Live in San Francisco] (unreleased)

"Street Talk" adds:
* 11.My My My
* 12.Harmony
* 13.Makes No Difference
these 3 are demos from the unreleased 'Alien Project' sessions
* 14.Don't Tell Me Why You're Leaving ('Oh Sherrie' B-side)
* 15.If Only For The Moment Girl (from We Are The World)

To make it more meaty, I've added some extras:
* Don't Fight It [with Kenny Loggins] from Greatest Hits Expanded edition.
* Missing You [Writing Session version] from 'Missing You' CDsingle.
* You Better Wait [Single Version] from 'You Better Wait' CDsingle.
* I Stand Alone - from 'Quest For Camelot OST'
* A Brand New Start - from David Pack's 'The Secret Of Movin' On', beautiful duet, also co-written by Perry.
* Lost Angels [demo - For The Love Of Strange Medicine outtake]
* Let Go [demo - For The Love Of Strange Medicine outtake]
* Let It Rock You [rare demo, unknown session]
* Something To Hide [very rare old demo taken from Perry's old website]

All interesting tracks to appreciate the incredible 'evolution' of JOURNEY's one and only singer.
Specially the demos are pretty rare, I haven't seen 'Something To Hide' nowhere. The song is terrible, but listen the young Steve testing his falsetto...

Myself made artwork, click on the picture to preview:



Türk 182 said...

it came to me like a medicine thanx alot for it & Heartland

Camelblue said...

@ Turkaor:
You're welcome my friend...

axerock said...

The best voice in the scene???
Probably. Thanks for this stuff including the rare demos

SOFIA said...


troynew said...

As a matter of fact, 'Street Talk' was among a batch of CDs I ditched a long time ago when I needed some money. I don't even have it as an mp3 download anymore (subtle hint). :o(

AOR Fan said...

Wikipedia says the For The Love Of Strange Medicine Bonus tracks are from different places they say that One more time is a For The Love Of Strange Medicine outake and Cant Stop is an Against The Wall Track?

Anonymous said...

I have the first one on vinyl and the second one on cd, bonuses will go on mp3, thats evolution, thanx

Camelblue said...

@ y tambien metal:
hahaha funny timeline (also for the 'Evolution').

Camelblue said...

@ AOR Fan:
My mistake.
Wikipedia is right. Except this:
'Track 13 is an unreleased outtake also from 1994'
Yes, 'One More Time' it is from FTLOSM sessions, but not unreleased. It appears in 'You Better Wait' CDsingle, track 4.
Correcting the post right now... thanks for the tip.

David Van Zant said...

Genial aporte, muchas gracias.
Y los diseños de portadas MUY BUENOS!

Juan Carlos said...

Tengo los dos CDs Originales de Steve Perry Reeditados recientemente donde estan casi todos los temas mencionados. Los demos tambien circulan por la red. "Something to Hide" es el unico tema que si es bien raro. Gracias amigo, muy buen trabajo.

Freeman said...

This is what I'm searching for !

And it all come in one special complilation by you.
Thank you very, very much, Camelblue.

cJs said...

Thanx a million for all yr FINE ul´s and for sharing these lovely pieces from our common puzzle of rock.


cJs said...

Thanx a million for all yr FINE ul´s and for sharing these lovely pieces from our common puzzle of rock.


Tucker(tje) said...

Link has gone, could you please reup? Pretty please??? That would make this little dutch girl a very happy bunny...

Camelblue said...

@ Tucker(tje) :

Tucker(tje) said...

Thanks very much for the new link, you've really made the sun come out for me on this rainy day... :))

Anonymous said...

Infinite Thanks, Sheer Brilliance