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FAITHFULL - Light This City (2003)

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FAITHFULL born in 2001 in Portugal by the hand of Rui Martins (guitars) and vocalist Sergio Sabino (ex - Evidence).
The first demo, including 13 songs, captured the attention of the sadly now defunct spanish record label Vinny Records.
Produced by Luis Barros (Tarantula), "Light This City" was released at the end of 2003 in Europe and Japan only.
The band gets surprised that the album quickly climb #11 in the Japanese "TOP50 Rock/HR/HM" chart.

"Light This City" is a melodic rock festival, nothing pretentious, just a trip back to the glorius days of fun, sing along tunes from the 1989-91 era.
Opener title track gives you the full picture: "Light This City, We're Dancin' This Saturday Night, Another Dancin' Smashin' Sleepless Night". Yeah!
The album sounds clean and punchy, like DANGER DANGER's Paul Laine era. In fact, Sergio Sabino is a blend of Jon Bon Jovi and Paul Laine, and sings without any accent at all.
But also the first HAREM SCAREM, BON JOVI, HARDLINE, FIREHOUSE, etc comes to mind.

Presenting a really cool mix of very well written catchy rockers with sweet ballads, sung / played cleanly and professionally produced, "Light This City" is maybe the best rockin' album arrived from Portugal so far.
Solid, consistent and enjoyable recording for fans of classic late 80's era melodic rock.
This is the original spanish label release. Added to the bunch the japanese bonus track "Cast Out The Rain".
GOOD stuff.

01 - Light This City
02 - There's No Turning Back
03 - All I Want, All I Need
04 - I've Been Missing You
05 - You Won't Get Me Now
06 - Ending Song
07 - Melting Your Ice
08 - Learned My Lesson
09 - Like A Shadow
10 - The Way I Am
11 - Way Back
12 - Please (European bonus)
13 - Cast Out The Rain (Japan bonus)

Sergio Sabino: Vocals
Rui Martins: Guitars
Nuno Ledesma: Bass, Backing Vocals
Sergio Ramos: Drums

FAITHFULL - Light This City


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5*****.... so gooood!!!

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5*****.... so gooood!!!