Friday, September 17, 2010

MYDRA - Mydra [reissue 2005] (1988)

Mydra 1988 reissue 2005
MYDRA, German band based in Hamburg, recorded their self titled debut in 1987/8, and soon become out of print.
This is a very good melodic hard rock album with big arrangements, strong guitars and a couple of songs in the scandi-AOR style to die for.

First track "I've Got the Power" really got the power with the huge dual guitar / keyboard riff and the pompous arrangement. A monster song, with excellent production.
"Freeway Blues" is, imho, the weakest track of all, no bad, just plain hardrocker, but "She's No Lover" returns with the guitar / key duel magic.
Then "California"; yes, simple and basic, but one of my favs, with a melting raw riff.
"Love Killer" is a really good one, MYDRA sounds here like a mid-eighties american pop-metal band. Very cool.
The rockin' AOR of "Light Up The Sky" is almost radiable, with a very good chorus and backing vocals mix, nice vintage keyboard solo as well.
The instant winner "Double Dealer" is pure scandi AOR, keys, keys, keys!, and a huge chorus. Love this one.
Last track "Gone With the Wind" is another highlight, starts quietly, but the increscendo tempo explodes into a terrific chorus. First class arrangements, this is a great, great tune.

The excellent production and some killer songs have led to this album a cult status, also for the fact that it was impossible to find a copy.
I bring to you the finally remastered reissue released not so long ago, not so easy to find as well.
'MYDRA' still remains as one of my favorite german bands of the 2nd half of the eighties.

01 - I've Got The Power
02 - Freeway Blues
03 - She's No Lover
04 - California
05 - Love Killer
06 - Light Up The Sky
07 - Cold Blooded
08 - Fireball
09 - Double Dealer
10 - Gone With The Wind

Andre Martelli - vocals
Alic Stephen - guitars
Bernie Fintzen - keyboards, vocals
Jan Eckert - bass, vocals
Andy Feldhahn - drums



DEEMON said...

essa banda é maravilhosa.puta hard rock legal.mydra rocks.

Anonymous said...

whoaaa this is good man grab this disc buddies, really good