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CINDY CRUSE - Small Town Girl (1991)

CINDY CRUSE - Small Town Girl
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Cindy Cruse began involved in music from the cradle.
The Cruse Family, a well-known evangelistic musical group, traveled all across the world, releasing 25 albums.
At the age of nine, she became the youngest licensed ASCAP songwriter. Since that time, she has written for and produced more than 100 album recordings.

Her previous disc 'The Edge' is a fine and sweet AOR album tingled with very nice melodic tunes.
When you take a look at the cover of "Small Town Girl", you may think this is in the same vein, or even more poppy.

"Small Town Girl" is mostly a gallop collection of songs, an original mix of power rock with heavy funk.
Also are present, of course, the obligatory ballads and mid-tempos.
Not your style? You better give this album a listen; it's original, refreshing, and has in it one of the best guitar players around: Jennifer Batten.
Maybe you remember Batten from Michael Jackson's Bad, Dangerous world tour, but she has released 3 excellent solo cd's and recorded on many albums (Jeff Beck, Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus, etc.)
Her guitar shines here, just check "What Is This World Coming To" or "Luke".

But this is a Cruse album. Let's talk about her.
Cindy's has a strong voice, and sings these songs with passion. Specially the ballads, "The Dream Will Never Die" remembers me Tone Norum.
Uptempo tracks are moving, syncopated and rhythm.
The 'new style' of this recording it's responsability of her husband, Tim Miner, who has co-written, played, produced, mixed, and engineered the album.
So, if you like Miner's solo career, you'll dig this one.
Also sounds in places like Margaret Becker, the aforementioned Tone Norum, and why not, Fiona.

I like "Small Town Girl" a lot, it's different, original, and has a terrific guitar work in it.
Extremely hard to find CD.

01 - Written In Red
02 - Say What You Mean
03 - Colour Blind
04 - Wonderland
05 - Way Over Your Head
06 - Interlude
07 - What Is This World Coming To
08 - I Wouldn't Trade It
09 - Luke
10 - The Wise
11 - The Dream Will Never Die

Cindy Cruse: Vocals
Jennifer Batten, Mark Stitts: Guitars
Tim Miner, Tommy Simms: Bass
Keith Carlock: Drums
Tim Miner, David Ebensberger: Keyboards
Art Wood: Drum Programming