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1994 - ST [remastered] (1978)

1994 - ST [remastered] (1978) Karen Lawrence
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Born and raised in Anaheim, California, Karen Lawrence grew up in a musical family.

Aged 19, she fronted L.A. Jets, recording a self-titled album in 1976. But soon their label dropped the band.
Then Karen and drummer John Desautels decided to go on under the name of 1994, adding guitarist Steve Schiff and bass player Bill Rhodes to the line-up.

Legendary producer Bob Ezrin was interested in the band, but at the time he was very busy, then recommends to his friend engineer Jack Douglas (Blue Oyster Cult, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith) get in touch with 1994.
Impressed by Lawrence vocals, Douglas started to write songs with her, and soon landed a recording contract with a major label.

Recorded y produced by Douglas at The Record Plant Studios in New York, 1994's debut still sounds fresh today.
The album is a first rate collection of songs in the american melodic hard rock tradition, similar to Heart but more rockier and smokin'.
All songs are good, being my favorites the haunting "Heleana" and the hot-rockin´ "Radio Zone". On many tracks the band sounds blusier ala Aerosmith-with-female-vocals, as on the great "Anastasia" (Brad Whitford of Aerosmith guest on guitars), another favorite.

Recently remastered (with the addition of 4 poor sounding live tracks), 1994's self titled debut is one of the best late '70s female fronted albums ever, which has stood the test of time thanks to the excellent production.

01 - Once Again
02 - Shoot To Kill
03 - Sing To Me
04 - Heleana
05 - Bring It Home
06 - Radio Zone
07 - Hit The Hard Way
08 - Read Up
09 - Anastasia
Bonus Live Material:
10 - Shoot To Kill (live)
11 - Find It In The City (live)
12 - Hit The Hard Way (live)
13 - Bring It Home (live)

Karen Lawrence - Vocals
Steve Schiff - Lead Guitar
Bill Rhodes - Bass, Guitar, Backing Vocals
John Desautels - Drums
Brad Whitford - Guitar (Heleana)
Eric Troyer - Backing Vocals (Sing To Me)

1994 - ST [remastered]


jp said...

Many thanks from France, I own the lp but it has become noisy with all the listens.

tellus said...

Thank you - bit of a lost classic here.

Scooter Livingston said...

Thanks! Once had this but back in 1979 I loaned it to a "friend" who then moved away. Thanks again!