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JEFF COSCO & DON MANCUSO - Stuff From Years Beers Ago (2005)

JEFF COSCO & DON MANCUSO - Stuff From Years Beers Ago (2005)
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Vocalist Jeff Cosco and guitar player Don Mancuso (Lou Gramm Band) assembled the band
Cheater at the beginning of the '80s, selling over 10,000 copies of their self released EP and touring extensively the NY & Pennsylvania area. A full length album was recorded in 1983, but shelved (later resurrected in 2005).
In between and during the eighties, both musicians keep writing and recording demos on tape... and yes, drinking a few beers along the way.

Some of these '80s demo songs were put on CDr by Cosco itself as "Stuff From Years Beers Ago" in 2005.
"Gypsy" is a very good AOR-rock with a powerful refrain and harmony vocals, while "Princess Of Darkness", "I'll Keep Rollin" and "Rattle The Bones" are really cool and fun melodic hard rockers typical of the era, similar to Cheater material, with some Journey and 707 influences, pretty well recorded.
"Mary, Merry-Go-Round" and "Winds Of Love" are live recordings, both melodic rockers as well, and "J D Philosophy" is studio demo from later sessions.

But the real gem here is "Call Of The Eagle", a sublime pure AOR diamond, featuring excellent guitars, in-the-air keyboards and a perfect sing-along melodious chorus. One of my favorite AOR tunes of all time. A shame that never was properly recorded with full production.
This album, although officially published, it's a CDr with no post-production or remastering job.
Well, I did mine, restoring, de-hissing and enhancing the sound. All songs sound much better right now.
Rare & Good stuff.

1 - Call Of The Eagle
2 - Gypsy
3 - Princess Of Darkness
4 - I'll Keep Rollin'
5 - Rattle The Bones
6 - Mary, Merry-Go-Round (Live)
7 - Winds Of Love (Live)
8 - J D Philosophy

Jeff Cosco: Vocals
Don Mancuso: Guitars
Rest of Personnel: Unlisted

COSCO & MANCUSO - Stuff From Years Beers Ago


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Listen to the clip you posted. What a song, absolutely magnificent. Gotta check this out many thanks. You've put together a very good site.

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