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GARY SPANEOLA - Project One (1986)

GARY SPANEOLA - Project One (1986)
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Gary Spaneola was the vocalist of the mythical Detroit band Bitter Sweet Alley, which released a full length LP and a couple of EP's in the mid-eighties through a small label.

All these recordings were produced by Gary, who later became a renowned local producer mounting his own studio recording facility.

By 1986 Spaneola published his own solo mini-LP "Project One". He is listed playing all instruments, but I suspect that many of his old bandmates were part of the recording sessions.
In fact, "Project One" sounds quite similar to Bitter Sweet Alley in style and songwriting: very melodic commercial Rock&Pop / Lite AOR tunes.
"Trying To Find" is an uptempo rocker with good guitars and feelin' good vibe in the Rick Springfield vein. Fine guitar solo here.
The compressed drums and keyboards in "The Window" are typically '80s, a song with pop-rock sensibility that reminds you Gary 'O.

"Time For Change" is a rocking AORish ready for radio play, same with the quirky "Can't Stop Me Now", very much in the Eddie Money league.

The ballad "There's Only You" has a nice tempo emphasized by orchestrated keyboards and melodic guitars. Strong performance by Gary and sweet guitar solo, on a song with a sound ala The Synch or earlier REO Speedwagon.
Last track is a midtempo with nice instrumentation but I don't dig the lyrics too much.

Seems Gary Spaneola was (and is) an accomplished producer as "Project One" has a very good, crisp sound and mix. Good singer as well, typically eighties.
For the few who already have the digital copy of this album circulating some obscure AOR circles, grab mine, because this rip sounds million times better (de-clicked, cleaned and 'remastered' by myself).
The original artwork is the one posted here, there's another homemade (nice, by the way, with a chick and an old car) included into the file.
This is a mega-rare miniLP, cool and easy listening.

1 - Trying To Find
2 - The Window
3 - Time For Change
4 - There's Only You
5 - Can't Stop Me Now
6 - Feed The Hungry

Gary Spaneola: Vocals, All Instruments, Producer
Liz Larin: Backing Vocals



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