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GRZEGORZ SKAWINSKI - Skawinski (1989)

Requested by my friend VigiAOR ...

Grzegorz SKAWINSKI is a guitar virtuoso, famous in Eastern Europe as former member of Kombi, a Polish super group.
He also made a small name in the USA between six-string circles, in a time that shredders and instrumental recordings were in vogue (Satch, Vai).
Well, this is not an instrumental album (though it has 3).

Grzegorz 1st self titled album has a very strong occidental influence, ranging from classic (melodic) rock to AORish mainstream rock. Think Steve Lukather solo efforts. Also MacAlpine's 'Eyes Of The World' with a less bombastic production.
All tracks are good and easy to the ears, featuring a phenomenal guitar work but not overwhelming the spirit of the songs with unnecessary chops. Skawinski's sound is big and clean, and the man has a refined taste in the arrangements.
His vocals (supported by a couple back-up singers) are more than competent, with lyrics in Polish, but that do not bother at all, the music and the melodies are the motto here.

An interesting, hard to find rarity only released on vinyl in Poland.
Ripped at max. quality and cleaned by myself.
Good stuff.

01 - Moonlight I
02 - Z Toba Czy Bez Ciebie (With you or without you)
03 - Dzis Tracisz Mnie (You lose me today)
04 - Raz Na Cale Zycie (Once in a lifetime)
05 - Joyeux Noel
06 - Kim Jestes Co Rano (Who are you in the morning)
07 - Niemy Czas (Silent time)
08 - Lamie Sie Swiat (He breaks the world)
09 - Moonlight II

Grzegorz Skawiński - Guitars, Vocals
Rafal Paczkowski - Drums, Keyboards
Waldemar Tkaczyk - 5-String Bass
Anna Jurksztowicz - Vocals (8)
Kayah - Vocals (3, 7)



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