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AVALON: Everyman A King '82 + EQUUS: ST '85

Two rare vinyl miniLP's into one file, with restored audio as requested.

AVALON - Everyman A King (1982)

AVALON - Everyman A King (1982)aor remastered
Many of the classic albums in the AOR genre are long out of print, deliciously rare, and reached even greater status among the fans for it.
One of the rarest of the rare releases is a four-track mini-LP by the USA band Avalon (not to be confused with the Canadian pompsters).
Entitled "Everyman A King", the record is produced by Blood, Sweat & Tears drummer and Pages and Jaco Pastorius producer Bobby Colomby, and features the talents of session players Vinnie Colaiuta, Mike Porcaro and Jai Winding, in addition to band members Rick Neigher, Chris Cote and Mike Mirage.

According to leader Rick Neigher, the band recorded a demo that got the attention of Bobby Colomby, who at the time was doing A&R for Capitol Records . Bobby saw them as a Pop/Rock/AOR version of his westcoast - jazzy flavored band Pages, which featured Richard Page, and went on to have hits as Mr. Mister.
Bobby, being a drummer, did not like the band's drummer Scott Norman playing, so he asked to meet a new discovery, Vinnie Colaiuta.
"Vinnie was the most amazing phenomenon we had ever seen, and we used him on drums" says
Bobby also didn’t care for Avalon's bass player Simon Teolis so he brought in Mike Porcaro – later of Toto. Needless to say, these replacements didn’t go over too big with Scott and Simon, so they quit.

Additionally, expertise musician and producer Jai Winding was part of the recording sessions, who helped with keyboards and arrangements.
The label was not a big fan of Bobby Colomby’s abrasive and arrogant attitude, and they didn’t promote Avalon too much.
The disc got only scattered airplay, and sold very few copies. However, the record was a bit of a cult project in town and it won the band's members some respect from the music community.

"Everyman A King" is a perfect mini-LP, no more description needed.
One of the best AOR albums of all time.
Vinyl rip restored by me, sounds Great.
A Must Have.

1 - Can't Find A Way To Say Goodbye
2 - Deeper Than The Heart
3 - Crossfire
4 - Writing On The Wall

Rick Neigher: Guitar, Lead Vocals
Mike Mirage: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Coté: Keyboards, Vocals
Mike Porcaro: Bass
Jai Winding: Keyboards
Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums

EQUUS - ST (1985)

EQUUS - ST (1985)aor
On your search for the less famous but equally brilliant AOR heroes, you'll discover some outstanding bands that never got a second chance and remains into obscurity.
Pretty unknown band from Ontario, Canada, EQUUS released this miniLP back in 1985. Their style is definitely pomp but influenced by the AOR played on the radio in those years.

However, first track "Metal Man", although including very pompy keyboards and a melodious spirit, is a guitar driven song with many six-string channels in the mix. The lead vocals are constantly backed-up by a second voice and the guitars solo is quite hard. A very 'live' and interesting track.
"I'll Be Waiting" is much more commercial with fluffy pomp keys and electronic drums. This one sounds like american bands Roadmaster or Bootcamp.
"When You Gonna Find The Time" starts balladesquely slow but then increases the pace into a melodic mid-tempo with a big reverb.
On "Power Life" the band adds some mysterious keys and interesting arrangements to a song that in its essence is a simple poppy AOR melody.
"Think Of You" is the most radio-oriented track on this album, based on the rhythm of the persistent bass line. The high pitched sax included in the middle perfectly fits the melody and enriches the song.

EQUUS is a more than interesting unknown band which plays an original blend of styles, but certainly into the AOR territory.
This disc is a rarity not even listed on many CanCon Rock memorabilia.
Not my rip (could be better), cleaned in my own workstation for your listening pleasure.
Rare & Good.

1 - Metal Man
2 - I'll Be Waiting
3 - When You Gonna Find The Time
4 - Power Life
5 - Think Of You

Cameron Grant: Vocals, Guitars
Danny Allen: Vocals, Drums
Ken Lucier: Bass
Peter Schaefer: Guitars, Vocals
Duncan Grant: Keyboards

AVALON - Everyman A King '82 + EQUUS '85


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