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THE KOO - ST (1988)

THE KOO - ST (1988)
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The self titled album by THE KOO has become a sought after rarity, particularly on cd.

Released independently in 1988, all these songs were recorded three years before, and in fact the overall sound is a catchy mid-eighties AOR mixed with some Hi-Tech elements.

First track "Got To Get Together" is a contagious and elegant semi-midtempo with clean guitars and dry drums.
Song #2 "Runaway" has all that vibe we love from the '80s: a catchy rhythm and a cool chorus. This song has strong Canadian sound impregnated over it.
"Standin' In The Rain" is another winner. Fantastic AOR in the best Bryan Hughes Group tradition. Awesome keyboard line that reminds me first Bystander album.

"Strike" is the highligh for me. Just a sensational mid-eighties killer AOR tune with all the feeling of the 'action movie' soundtracks of the era. It was included into 'Friday The 13th Part VIII' OST. Awesome.
They change to a more Hi-Tech with "The Edge", a song with a deep bass and pop-rock sensibility. The guitar solo is quite meaty though.
Another favorite of mine is the '80s poignant "1,000 Radios", a commercial, up-beat techie tune with super-compressed drums and slap bass.
The rest of the tracks are goodies as well, as the wimpy "Work It Out", the Eddie Money-like "Killin' Time" and the synth-rocker "Maybe Right".

THE KOO is an ultra catchy AOR album, very well produced considering its indie origin, including terrific tunes.
I saw this album auctioned for more than $400 on Ebay... crazy people.
Ripped from CD @ maximum quality including artwork.
Very Rare and Very Good. Highly Recommended.

01 - Got To Get Together
02 - Runaway
03 - Standin' In The Rain
04 - On My Way
05 - Strike
06 - The Edge
07 - 1,000 Radios
08 - Work It Out
09 - Killin' Time
10 - Shame Shame
11 - Maybe Right
12 - Diamond In The Rough

Bob Hayman - Guitars, Vocals
John Powell - Vocals, Drums
Tony Mgrdichian - Keyboards

THE KOO - The Koo 1988