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ANDY BAUM - Listen To The Bad Boy (1987-88) extra track version

ANDY BAUM - Listen To The Bad Boy (1987-88) extra track version
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Austrian singer / songwriter ANDY BAUM was part of several local bands at the beginning of the Eighties such as Hallucination Company and Stonehenge. The latter won a battle of the bands competition in Liverpool, UK, becoming the first Austrian band to tour through Great Britain.
Then around 1984, Andy Baum went solo with his own band 'The Trix'.

After some successful singles, Baum recorded his first full length CD "Listen To The Bad Boys" in '87, winning the 'Austrian Grammy' for best young artist. Soon, Andy released a new penned single, "Still Remember Yvonne", which ranked in the top 10 chart so "Listen To The Bad Boys" was re-issued including this track.
This is a CD-rip from this 2nd press of the album.

Andy Baum's style is wimpy European AOR with stylized melodic rock / poppy sensibility, all crystal-clear produced and arranged. Sometimes his vocals reminds me Mitch Malloy or Rick Springfield, while his band / instrumentation, Canadians Glass Tiger.
Indeed, on many places, "Listen To The Bad Boys" recalls the classic Canuck sound of the era: catchy choruses, synth infusions and cutting clean guitars. There's some cheesy numbers, but overall all tracks are really enjoyable.
One of the best cuts is Andy's version of "I'm In It For Love", originally performed by James House on the movie Fire With Fire (1986).

ANDY BAUM - Listen To The Bad Boy (1987-88) extra track version back cover

Due to Andy Baum & The Trix success, "Listen To The Bad Boys" was later reissued all over Europe entitled 'Set The Night On Fire', but including less songs and different running order.
As said, this is a CD-rip at maximum quality from the original Austrian 2nd press of the album, featuring the extra track "Still Remember Yvonne".
Good one and out of print.

01. Still Remember Yvonne *
02. Talk To Me
03. Only A Whisper
04. She
05. You Don't Love Me Anymore
06. Shine On
07. I'm In It For Love
08. Set The Night On Fire
09. Men In The Street
10. Mirror Mirror
11. I'm Lost Anyway
12. My Love

Andy Baum - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
Helmut Bibl - Guitars
Polio Brezina - Keyboards
Lukas Filz - Bass
Harry Stampfer, Peter Kolbert - Drums
Othmar Klein - Sax
Karin Raab Kathy Sampson - Backing Vocals

ANDY BAUM Listen To The Bad Boy


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