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LAVA - Prime Time (1982)

LAVA - Prime Time (1982)
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LAVA was founded around 1977 in Årdal, Norway, by Svein Dag Hauge (guitars) and Per Hillestad (drums), starting as an instrumental jazz rock band with several line-up changes through the years.
After two LP's, for this third effort "Prime Time" and with the addition of talented bass player / arranger Rolf Graf and singer Egil Eldøen, Lava changed their musical approach to a more commercial delivery, something that eventually developed into a Westcoast / AOR affair in albums to come during the Eighties.

"Prime Time" still shows the refined, elaborated arrangements from Lava's origins, but this is a record strongly influenced by earlier TOTO, Airplay, Steve Lukather first works, etc.
The musicians in Lava are (the band is still active) widely known for their session work for many Scandinavian artists from the most diverse genres, but also melodic hard rock acts such as Fate, Aina, Tindrum or Ole Evenrude to name some, so expect top notch quality in this department.

LAVA - Prime Time (1982) back cover

Lava's "Prime Time" is specially recommended for lovers of delicate Westcoast AOR, humming smooth sounds.
Very rare LP never released on CD, with a restored audio done by me.

01 - Hard Times
02 - Juliet
03 - Empty Shadows
04 - 2.12
05 - Prime Time
06 - Late At Night
07 - Tea Beat
08 - Holiday

Egil Eldøen - lead and backing vocals
Svein Dag Hauge - guitars
Per Kolstad, Geir Langslet - keyboards, synthesizer
Sigurd Køhn, Arne Frang, Torbjørn Sunde - horns
Rolf Graf - bass
Per Hillestad - drums, percussion
Sidsel Endresen - backing vocals

LAVA Prime Time


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for your great AOR AND WEST COAST music,cheers from Mexico City!!

Bernardo Casarin

nutrust said...

I lover your work and your uploads! Thanks for all your work here.
but one question: is the vinyl jumping on this record or something, cause i have a lot of broken tracks on this rip of yours. i am just curious, if something went wrong on my side or if this is supposed to be..thanks!

Steinar said...

Thanks a lot!