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AVION (Australia) - 4 Rare Singles 1984 - 85 - 87

AVION (Australia) - 4 Rare Singles 1984 - 85 - 87

AVION (Australia) Still The Night Single 1984
As requested, re-posted as it's extremely hard to find material

A mythical band in their homeland Australia, AVION were formed in the early Eighties releasing their first self-titled melodic rock oriented LP for the RCA label in 1983.
The following year the band put out the 2-sided single "Still The Night" featuring two new penned songs, but the label drop Avion soon so they signed with EMI and started recording a new album, the very good and more AOR focused 'White Noise'.

Avion did a solid touring presenting the album and recording on tape some live shows, which were self-released by the band on cassette format as 'Avion Live'.
But it was on a late 1987 tour that keyboardist Evan Murray was killed in a car accident. This, and the failure to break through commercially outside Australia finally led the remaining members to call an end to Avion's tenure.
Great guitarist and singer Randall Waller later got international success as Bonnie Tyler and Shania Twain stable touring member.

AVION (Australia) Live 87

Here you have Avion's "Still The Night" (1984), the White Noise two singles, and a 2-track promo from 'Live'. Most of these songs are not present on the two official LP's.
This is an extremely rare material, you won't find it easily anywhere.
Very nice MR / AOR. Grab it now!

Tracks noted " # " are not in the two official LP's :

1984 single A - Still The Night #
1984 single B - Southern Cross #

1985 single (June) A - We've Got Secrets
1985 single (June) B - Bigger They Are #

1985 single (September) A - Celebration
1985 single (September) B - Ransom #

1987 single A - The Bigger You Are [Live] #
1987 single B - Money Or Love [Live] #

Randall Waller: Vocals & Guitar
Martyn Toole: Guitar
Kendall Waller: Bass
Evan Murray: Keyboards
John Waller: Drums
Paul Gannell: Guitar

AVION 4 Rare Singles 1984 - 85 - 87


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