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DOMINOE - The Key [remastered + bonus tracks] (1990)

DOMINOE - The Key [remastered + bonus tracks] (1990)
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One of the best Melodic Rock / AOR bands coming out from Germany during the Eighties was without a doubt DOMINOE, founded by great composer, musician and producer Robert Papst.
From the beginning, the idea for this outfit was to combine the catchiness and muscle of the melodic rock genre with fluffy, commercial rock&pop sounds.
After the success of their debut album, and specially the single "Here I Am" featured in a TV commercial, Dominoe were signed by Virgin / RCA for their next CD: "The Key".

"The Key" has all the ingredients to be a MR / AOR fan staple: superb choruses, vocal harmonies and bouncy instrumentation, all wrapped in a lush production courtesy of Robert Papst (now a highly requested producer / engineer) and soundtrack guru Harold Faltermeyer (Top Gun).
The awesome "Angel Don't Cry", the melodic rock heaven of "Lonely Nights" an "In The Heat Of The Night", the killer title track "The Key", the lights-in-the-air ballad "Keep The Fire Burnin´", the AOR delicatessen of "Comin’ Home" are just hits after hit.
Of course you have the re-recording of the mega-scorer "Here I Am", which ranked in the top-40 German chart for 25 consecutive weeks.

DOMINOE - The Key [remastered + bonus tracks] (1990) back cover

This greatly recorded and produced gem of an album needed a contemporary remaster, but more for the excuse of bonus material than a sound uplift, as the original release already sounded superb.
But I'm glad they did it, because the bonus tracks on this remastered reissue are top notch as well: the non-album tracks "Into The Fire" and its AOR pulse ala Overland / FM, the classy sensibility of "Dance To Somebody" (clearly inspired by ELO) and the instrumental "Harolds Anthem".
Plus, we have terrific remixes of "Keep The Fire Burnin´" and two versions of "Angel Don't Cry", all quite different from the originals and where you can hear the 'anthemic' hands of Harold Faltermeyer behind the desk.
Dominoe's "The Key" is a MUST HAVE with capitals.

01 - Angel Don't Cry
02 - In The Heat Of The Night
03 - Satellite
04 - Keep The Fire Burnin'
05 - Rock Noon
06 - Comin' Home
07 - Lonely Nights
08 - Leisure Town
09 - I Wanna Die For You
10 - The Key
11 - Here I Am
12 - Into The Fire (non-album track)
13 - Dance To Somebody (non-album track)
14 - Satellite [early version]
15 - Angel Don't Cry [Rock Mix]
16 - Harolds Anthem [instrumental]
17 - Keep The Fire Burnin' [Maxi version]
18 - Angel Don't Cry [Eclipse mix] (Bonus Track)

Jörg Sieber - Vocals
Marc Schiegl, Günther Skitschak - Guitars
Johnny Rohde - Keyboards
Fred Neudert - Bass
Rick Shulz - Drums
Robert Papst - Guitar, Vocals, Production
Harold Faltermeyer - Synths, Production

DOMINOE The Key [remastered + bonus]


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