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DAVID LONDON (Fergie Frederiksen) - ST (1981)

DAVID LONDON (Fergie Frederiksen) - ST (1981)
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As you may know, AOR fans, Dennis FERGIE FREDERIKSEN, one of the greatest voices of all time for the genre passed away last January 18.
Lead singer of pillar acts like Trillion, Le Roux or Toto, as well as a background vocalist for Survivor and countless more, his distinctive vocals were one of the most recognizable ever.

After leaving Trillion, Frederiksen recorded many songs for movie soundtracks, and then got signed by Casablanca Records for a solo album. The label wanted a more easy-to-remember name, so Fergie recorded his debut under the 'David London' moniker.
As a little humble tribute to his legacy, here it is the self-titled LP (never pressed on CD) "David London". It's not his best work, but maybe the hardest to find, as the vinyl only was released in Scandinavia.

DAVID LONDON (Fergie Frederiksen) - ST (1981) back cover

There's nice power rock&pop numbers driven by a good guitar work by Fergie's long-time friend Mark Christian, with occasional AOR touches courtesy of Alan Pasqua's (Van Stephenson, Stan Bush) keyboards.
This is a good vinyl transfer done and cleaned by myself many, many years ago.
We will miss you Fergie. R.I.P.

01 - Somebody's Got My Someone
02 - Destination Zero
03 - She's Hot
04 - Idol Maker
05 - Walk In The Room
06 - Keep Playing Around
07 - Live Your Own Life
08 - Suicide Dance
09 - Baby's In Love
10 - Weakness

David London (Fergie Frederiksen): vocals
Mark Christian: guitars
Alan Pasqua, Don Schmidt: keyboards
Howie Epstein: bass
Jimmy Hunter: drums
Steve Forman: percussion
Richard Page, Stan Forber, Jim Haas, Jon Joyce: backing vocals

DAVID LONDON (Fergie Frederiksen) 1981


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rip fergie,a great vocalist...