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TIM KARR - Everybody Bleeds (1998)

TIM KARR - Everybody Bleeds (1998)
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Canadian rocker Tim Karr released back in 1989 a really cool Rock FM album entitled 'Rubbin' Me The Right Way' on a major label.

He toured with Richard Marx and Vixen, but after a couple of years he (and the mentioned acts) was dropped by the record company.
Besides, a conflicting relationship with his manager took years to dissolve, and Karr basically started over.
But Tim keep writing and recording songs for a new album, which was released independently as "Everybody Bleeds".
His style is a rockier mix of FM oriented Classic Rock with some bluesy edge.
Think Bon Jovi circa 'These Days' blended with Nelson '90s material, Johnny Lima, and a bit of Quireboys here and there.

"Jaded" opens the album in a big, bluesy rockin' mood, with a catchy chorus and nice guitars.
"Out Of The Blue" is a cover of the old Roxy Music tune, that shows his influences. A very good version featuring John Taylor (Duran Duran, Solo) on guitar.
The ballad "Price Of Love" has an awesome and vibrant feel, emotional and deep, complete with an orchestra. A brilliant lost gem ignored on many playlists.
"Aquarius" has a nice spirit, a very simple rocker but the chorus is infectious to death.
"Everybody Bleeds" is a crying blues with passionate vocals, a Bon Jovi-like chorus and a vintage organ throughout. A rocking, compelling ballad.

This is a catchy, genuine Rock 'N Roll album, mature, with a polished songwriting and powerful vibe.
The great vocals remain, with that snarl and a ton of attitude. Production is first class for an indie.
"Everybody Bleeds" is a grower, but after a repeated listens you'll love it.
Mega-Rare and Out Of Print.

01 - Jaded
02 - Out Of The Blue
03 - Price Of Love
04 - Aquarius Now
05 - The Drifter
06 - Comin' 2 U
07 - Everybody Bleeds
08 - Shape Of Things 2 Come
09 - Simple Pleasures
10 - Here, Loving You

Tim Karr: Vocals, Guitar
John Taylor: Guitar on 'Out Of The Blue'
Rest of Personnel: Unknown

TIM KARR - Everybody Bleeds


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