Friday, February 18, 2011

AOR TREASURES - The Japan Bonus Vol.3

AOR TREASURES The Japan Bonus Vol.03
Previous volumes become very popular and readers are requesting Japan only bonuses all the time in 'Request & Fill Corner' section.
Many are filled here: Stone Soup, Fair Warning, Treat, Bad Habit.
Some others quite hard to find added.
Check the tracklist (or click the back cover below).

01 Human Zoo - Eastern Girl
(Over The Horizon bonus) 2007

02 Treat - Turn The Dial
(Coup De Grace bonus) 2010

03 Bad Habit - I'll Be True
(Atmosphere bonus) 2010

04 Bonrud - First Time For Everything
(ST bonus) 2004

05 Eclipse - Masterpiece Girl
(Second To None bonus) 2004

06 Stone Soup - Rock You
(Spooge bonus) 1997

07 Fair Warning - Over You
(Rainmaker reissue bonus) 2005

08 Aces High - Take Me To Your Heart
(Ten 'N Out bonus) 1994

09 Cornerstone - Candyman
(Human Stain bonus) 1994

10 Eric Martin - Fly [original version]
(I'm Goin' Sane bonus) 2002

11 Dark Sky - GMC Brothers
(Empty Faces bonus) 2008

12 Talisman - Time
(Cats And Dogs bonus) 2003

13 Faithfull - Cast Out The Rain
(Light This City bonus) 2003

14 Danny Danzi - Eternity
(Somewhere Lost In Time bonus) 1999

15 Urban Tale - Hold On
(ST bonus) 2001

16 Spin Gallery - Trail Full Of Tears
(Standing Tall bonus) 2004

17 Novak - Walking In The Rain
(Forever Endeavour bonus) 2005

18 Final Frontier - Love Will Rescue Us
(Freelight bonus) 2006

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MB said...

Thanks very much - I love these compilations...much appreciated!

Idenkolt said...

Thanx Camel Blue , These Complitations are the best , usually Japan bonus Songs Always Kicking and Underrated.

Freeman said...

Thank, as always.


Anonymous said...

Could you reupload, please?

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Thank you very much indeed!!