Monday, February 07, 2011

GARY MOORE - The Sky Is Crying (2011)

GARY MOORE The Sky Is Crying RIP
The Man and his Guitar... A humble tribute from this site.
Encompass this great artist full career is almost impossible.
I have selected no common versions, bonus tracks, extended versions, etc. but also the essentials.
As "End Of The World", the guitar work at the beginning is Gary's answer to Eddie V H 'Eruption', his open string hammer-on and pull-off sequence proved he could stand shoulder to shoulder with any six string gunslinger of the '80s.

But Moore is moore than that.
The beauty of "Empty Rooms" hasn't been unsurpassed yet by any songwriter/guitarist from the modern rock era.
Or his ability to compose / perform soulful rockin' blues like the immortal "Still Got The Blues".
The awesome "The Messiah Will Come Again" remains as one of his best instrumental interpretations ever.
Absurdity good is the quality of the classic "Parisienne Walkways" (on a rare Live version here).
Fierce & raw can be described his sound on "White Knuckles / Rockin´ And Rollin´" from his late '70s project G-Force.
One of his 'non classic' tracks that has always been a personal favorite is "Ready For Love". The guitar work / tone here is fantastic in my opinion.
He has covered blues classics like Elmore James´ "The Sky Is Crying" (featured as bonus on 'Still Got The Blues' remaster) and shared stages / recording studios with the best.

Rest In Peace Gary

01 - End Of The World
from "Corridors Of Power" (remastered) - 1982
02 - Wild Fontier [12´´ Version]
from "Wild Frontier 12´´ Maxi" - 1987
03 - Empty Rooms [Long Version]
from "Empty Rooms CD single" - 1985
04 - Still Got The Blues
from "Still Got The Blues" (remastered) - 1990
05 - Falling In Love With You [Remix Instrumental]
from "Corridors Of Power" (remastered) - 1982
06 - All Your Love [Live 7/7/1990]
from "The Definitive Montreux Collection" - 2009
07 - Spanish Guitar [rare Instrumental]
from "Rarities Bootleg" - Year unknown
08 - Emerald [bonus track]
from "After The War" (remastered) - 1988
09 - White Knuckles / Rockin' And Rollin'
from "G-Force" (remastered) - 1979
10 - Devil In Her Heart [bonus track]
from "Victims Of The Future" (remastered) - 1983
11 - The Messiah Will Come Again
from "After The War" (remastered) - 1988
12 - Crying In The Shadows
from "Wild Frontier" (remastered) - 1987
13 - Ready For Love
from "After The War" (remastered) - 1988
14 - Parisienne Walkways [rare Live version]
from "Empty Rooms single" - 1985
15 - The Sky Is Crying [bonus track]
from "Still Got The Blues" (remastered) - 1990
16 - Rest In Peace
from "Dirty Fingers" (remastered) - 1984

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joecool said...

great collection
always loved his work, rock or blues
sorry to see him gone

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice comp. Because of you, I was inspired to put together an AOR comp about a month ago of stuff that you (unfortunately) never hear anymore, and one of the songs was his 1985 version of "Shapes Of Things" which just smokes. I am saddened to hear of his passing and I just hope it was swift and that he didn't suffer.

SOFIA said...

Actually the "Messiah will come again" is a Roy Buchanan's cover.

SOFIA said...

* "The Messiah will come again"

Camelblue said...

Yes Sofi, you're right.
I was referring to his musical interpretation.
btw, it blows Buchanan's original imho

SOFIA said...

I totally agree. Btw great song choices you made here (as always)! I'm so grateful for having you as a friend! Kisses!!!

troynew said...

My fave song of his is 'Nuclear Attack' actually, but I can see how that would have been out of place on a commemorative tribute.

Camelblue said...

@ troynew:
Believe it or not, 'Nuclear Attack' was amongst the possible tracks to be included. But the version recorded with Greg Lake for his first solo album.
A bit pasteurized version for sure...

Freeman said...

R.I.P., Gary.

Anonymous said...

link no longer working

Camelblue said...

New link coming up.

Keithanon said...

Nice work! Thanx.

Anonymous said...

please reup, the link is broken, thanks

analogkid610 said...

I guess its will stay dead.

Anonymous said...