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FAIR WARNING - B Sides & Rarities (2000)

FAIR WARNING B Sides & Rarities
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FAIR WARNING is easily one of my favorite bands of the nineties and they land in my top 50 of all time for sure.

Great songs, terrific vocalist (and not only in the studio), skilled musicians and excellent production on all their albums.
They are 'Big in Japan', consequently the group had released many EP's and several bonus tracks only in the land of the rising sun.

Somebody has compiled most of these bonuses from their earlier albums as 'Rainmaker', 'Live & More', 'Live In Japan', 'In The Ghetto EP', 'Angels Of Heaven EP', etc.
This is a bootleg never officially released, including great, great tunes not easy to find, all in one package.
Ripped at maximum quality, including artwork (found on a band's tribute page).
Highly Recommended.

1 - Like A Rock
2 - Mean To Be
3 - Out Of The Night
4 - Give In To Love
5 - Come On
6 - Light In The Dark
7 - In The Ghetto
8 - Children's Eyes (demo)
9 - Take A Look At The Future
10 - Call Of The Wild
11 - Is It Love
12 - Survive In The Night
13 - Out In The Night
14 - Eastern Sun (Live)
15 - A Little More Love (Live)
16 - Children's Eyes (Live)

Tommy Heart : Lead Vocals
Helge Engelke : Guitars
Andy Malecek : Guitars, Backing Vocals
Ule Rutgen : Bass, Backing Vocals
CC Behrens : Drums, Backing Vocals

FAIR WARNING - B Sides & Rarities


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