Friday, February 25, 2011

SHOWDOWN - Showdown (1984)

Requested in "Request & Fill Corner" section...

Well, guys and gals, this is a real AOR gem.

Requested many times on this blog in the "Request & Fill Corner" section, finally here it is.
I will quote the review by Willy Vanbuel from the prestigious site that describes this baby very well:

"Sometimes you think, now, there are no more hidden AOR treasures left...., everything is already discovered and then suddenly, there is a band named SHOWDOWN.
This band from Michigan released one prime time hook laden AOR lp in 1984, and please believe me, everyone who adores bands like Preview, Survivor, Shelter, Franke and the KO’s, Level and so on, will drool when hearing this beauty.
You hear, I’m really enthusiastic about this one and thanks to my Dutch friend Edgar I was able to discover and present this to you, dearest music lovers.

All tracks, except the last one (Mony Mony, a rather dull cover of Tommy James & The Shondells) are pure 80’s AOR from the highest quality!
This band still plays as a cover band with Joe Vermetti as only remaining original member. This same man, and main songwriter, put a clip from his band on you tube, please check it out on :

A must have and because there were only 500 copies pressed of this gem, maybe something for a future release on CD..."

Trust Willy. This album is a real GEM.
The video on youtube still works, and according to Vermetti's comment there, 1000 vinyl copies were pressed.
I've re-uploaded the video to my account with a 'remastered' audio, you can check it below (It is included into the file as well).
As bonus, also included, a '90s recording by the band, a little Christmas song.

This album has not been shared in any forum / blog till now. Remember where you've seen it first...
Needless to say: A Must Have

01 - Livin'
02 - Stop, Hold On
03 - Less Than Love
04 - Cryin' In The Night
05 - Line Of Fire
06 - It Won't Be Long
07 - Come Around Soon
08 - Hangin' On
09 - Can't Go On
10 - Mony Mony
11 - Oh Merry Christmas ('90s track)
+ 'Stop, Hold On' video

Joe Vermetti : Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Mike Rector : Lead Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Steve Henley : Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Bob Grundner : Drums



troynew said...

I'm willing to bet my old 'close personal acquaintance' Mr Edgar V. has lots of other (mainly vinyl only) hidden gems up his sleeve.
Let's hope he's inclined to educate the great unwashed on this blog and share a few more now and again.

PS: YouTube videos set to private may be decorative but serve little purpose imho. Do these come with Closed Captioning for the Hard Of Hearing?

Camelblue said...

@ troynew:
Thanks for the report.
What happened with youtube settings (I didn't ticked 'private') is beyond me...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, thanks ,thanks..This blog is awsome!!!!! Tony.
Camelblue Rocks!

joecool said...

a gem from my home state
yet I was unaware


Idenkolt said...

Kool , the Funny thing they All Have the Same mustache Cut!!!!

KISSMAR said...

Gracias amigo!!

Anonymous said...

yeah camel, you're my rock tutor, take me as your rock student,million thanks.
the guy from India.

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

Muito Obrigado Camelblue, agora sim acredito que eles na realidade gravaram um album!!!
eles sempre foram uma banda de covers vai da o ano passado partilhei algumas das suas musicas que aqui deixo o link as musicas foram todas gravadas ao vivo

mas em relação á banda onde estão

Scott Harris: Lead vocals/guitar
Ron Farris: Bass/vocals
Bob Dooley: Drums /vocals

a minha lista contem:

Showdown - 1984
Showdown - 1995 - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - at The Cabaret
Showdown - 1995 - Don't Tread On Me - at The Cabaret
Showdown - 1995 - Get Down Tonight - at The Cabaret
Showdown - 1999 - All I Ever Wanted - at Kewadin Casino
Showdown - 1999 - Closer To Home - at Kewadin Casino
Showdown - 1999 - Don't Take Me Alive - at Kewadin Casino
Showdown - 1999 - Hotel California - at Kewading Casino
Showdown - 1999 - Love The One You're With - at Kewadin Casino
Showdown - 1999 - Magic Carpet Ride - at Kewadin Casino
Showdown - 1999 - New Mother Nature-No Sugar Tonight - at Kewadin Casino
Showdown - 1999 - Renegade - at Kewadin Casino
Showdown - 1999 - Ticket To Ride - at Kewadin Casino
Showdown - 1999 - We Just Disagree - at Kewadin Casino
Showdown - 2002 - Kid Charlemagne - at Common Ground
Showdown - 2002 - Locomotive Breath - at Common Ground
Showdown - 2002 - Magic Carpet Ride - at Common Ground
Showdown - 2002 - New Mother Nature-No Sugar Tonight - at Common Ground
Showdown - 2002 - Renegade - at Common Ground
Showdown - 2002 - Revolution - at Common Ground
Showdown - Hicktown
Showdown - Main street
Showdown - She use to be mine
Showdown - Supersticious
Showdown - You really got me

Muito Obrigado uma vez m,ais, mais logo volto para baixar, neste momento tenhode sair...


Anonymous said...

This is good, but ultimately not great. Back in the day these types of bands were dime a dozen on the bar/club circuit throughout the USA.

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SHOWDOWN said...

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Camelblue said...