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FLESH (Bettencourt-Cherone) - ST (1994)

FLESH Bettencourt-Cherone 1994
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Flesh was a Boston-bred band that never make it big, confined to a cult status.

Founder members are guitarist Markus Cherone and lead vocalist Paulo Bettencourt, the less famous brothers of Extreme's lead vocalist Gary Cherone and flash lead guitarist Nuno Bettencourt.
In fact, Flesh debut was the first band signed by Colorblind Records, Nuno's own label, and also was produced by him.

That's said, the Extreme influence into their music can't be denied, also some '70s / '80s classic bands as Aerosmith.
Paulo sings definitely in the Cherone style, and some tunes sound like Extreme's III Sides To Every Story, specially the ballads.
First track "DanceHard" is a good hard rock song with nice riffing and catchy (little) chorus.
"Weight of the World" seems coming out of 'III Sides', and features an interesting solo but guitar is somehow buried in the mix.
"Don't Know Love" is obviously from a different recording session, as sounds a bit muddy. Pretty boring.
"Who Can Love You" features a retro-style songwriting mixed with some hard funk elements. Not bad.

"I Miss My Baby" is a lovely rock ballad that Bettencourt performs very well, a simple, nice song.
"Sexxx" is one on the best tracks of the album, very very Extreme II, while "Makin' Money" arrangements are '70s influenced with lyrics about how money affects people.
I like the riff of "You Know What To Do", a track that with better production should sound great.
"The Almighty Man", promoted as the first single, is a very nice tune with acoustic guitars and very good harmonies.
The album ends with the most elaborated track of the whole disc. "Into My Sea" is a tasty good ballad, very calm, with lyrics referring to God, featuring a church organ, violin and cello (not in the traditional way). This is a great tune, original and inspired.

"Flesh" is at times a good album, that suffers a lack of consistency due the different recording sessions and a little weak songwriting on some tracks.
Nuno has done a good production job on many tracks although the mix could be better.
This disc is rarity, recommended to every Extreme fan and rock completionist.

01 - DanceHard
02 - Weight of the World
03 - Don't Know Love
04 - Who Can Love You
05 - I Miss My Baby
06 - Sexxx
07 - Makin' Money
08 - You Know What to Do
09 - Think Too Much
10 - The Almighty Man
11 - Jam
12 - Into My Sea

Paulo Bettencourt : Lead & Backing Vocals
Markus Cherone : Guitars
Stephen Powell : Bass, Backing Vocals
Gonga : Drums
Gary Cherone : Backing Vocals
Nuno Bettencourt : add. stuff, Backing Vocals, Production

FLESH (Bettencourt-Cherone)


chriStina mohla said...

This is for the band Flesh...Back in the day I used to hang with Gonga. I remember going to see Flesh play and you guys ROCKED! Do you still get together and play? If so where? I would love to see you all again. Miss you Gonga (inside joke)"the car was my car not yours"LOL)!!! Christina Baldassari Mohla. You can Also find me on Facebook. Thanks, Love you guys!!!

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