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JOHNNY LOGAN - Mention My Name (1989)

JOHNNY LOGAN Mention My Name 1989
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Johnny Logan born in Australia, but was raised in Ireland, his father's native country.

Known as 'Mister Eurovision', he is the only lead singer to have sung two winning entries and one of only five authors/composers to have written/composed two winning songs there.
The first win was in 1980 and the song became a hit all over Europe and reached No.1 in the UK. But his solo career failed to fly due to poor management and label fights.
In 1987 decided to make another attempt at Eurovision and with his self-penned song 'Hold Me Now' won the contest again. The album of the same name sold well and his label gave the artist a big budget for his next release.

"Mention My Name" is a very well produced adult-vocal-pop album with many moments very close to Lite-AOR.
Johnny's vocals & style are in the same league of John Farnham or Jack Wagner, with a clear tone and timbre that sometimes remember Brian Spence.

What we have here is pop, but very well crafted, with some nice guitars and the typical '80s sound.
Although isn't my favorite style or this site motto, I am posting it here because has become very hard to find and was requested repeatedly on the 'Request & Fill Section'.

01 - Just To Be With You
02 - One By One
03 - All I Ever Wanted
04 - Union Of The Heart
05 - Never Believe It's Over
06 - Red Lips
07 - How Can It Be Love
08 - Now That It's Not Over
09 - Shot Down
10 - Lay Down Your Heart
11 - Angels Don't Hide
12 - Only a Matter of Time

Personnel : unlisted

JOHNNY LOGAN - Mention My Name


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