Friday, February 04, 2011

SHOGUN - 31 Days [my remaster] (1987)

SHOGUN 31 Days remastered
Vocalist Alan Marsh was fired from the british band Tokio Blade by his record label due to artistic discrepancies. Together with ex-Chinatown guitarist Danny Gwilym formed SHOGUN in 1984. Their 1st self titled album has traces of the NWOBHM genre although sounding pretty commercial.
To the 2nd, the group decided to update the songwriting, changing their style to a more Americanized sound but still retaining the typical British scent.

The album is entitled "31 Days" because that's how long they were given to start and finish it. Riding the wave of the style that was getting great acceptance in UK on such bands as Shy, Peroux, Moritz, the disc features prominent guitars, sweeping keyboards and persistent choruses.
Do you remember the excellent demos by Push (UK) posted here some time ago? Well, "31 Days" is in the same league
This is first class keyboard driven MHR / AOR with power guitars, strong vocals and heavenly choruses.

From the starting candy-floss synths of opener "Cloak And Dagger" you know this will be a keyboard oriented, extremely commercial plate. "Shock To The Heart" is anthemic and catchy, while the cliched but wonderful "Voices From The Heart" is the album ballad (here remixed by Bob Ezrin).
The rocking "You Are What You Are" (those keyboards!) is followed by the climatic midtempo "Love Is A Game". "Cold Truth" is another melodic belter with great guitar work, "If Tomorrow Comes" reminds me their colleagues Bronz, "First Time" rocks with attitude and closer "Out Of Love Again" is in the best Shy tradition.

"31 Days" never was released on CD and sadly, the original tapes were lost long time ago.
Obviously taken from vinyl, this bootleg CD edition sound quite decent and it's the best sounding version you can get..
Enjoy this classy, must have, typical '87 british Hard AOR gem.

01 - Cloak and Dagger
02 - Shock to the Heart
03 - Voices from the Heart [Bob Ezrin remix]
04 - You are what You are
05 - Love is a Game
06 - Cold Truth
07 - If Tomorrow Comes
08 - Can't Live Without Your Love
09 - First Time
10 - Out of Love Again [Bob Ezrin remix]

Alan Marsh - lead and backing vocals
Danny Gwilym - guitars, backing vocals
Ian Marshall - keyboards, backing vocals
Andy Wrighton - bass, backing vocals
Steve Pierce - drums, percussion

SHOGUN - 31 Days CD bootleg


bart said...

Thanks Camel, hope you are fine and your computer is fixed (??), i will wait to download the pristine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new rip....I was surprised to hear voices from the heart is the bob ezrin remixed version they made in LA. Thanks!